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First long time public address announcer at Yankee Stadium Bob Sheppard passes away at the age of 99.

Now the Boss, George Steinbrenner dies at age 80 of a heart attack.

My condolences to the Steinbrenner family. I lost my Dad in April and baseball (and a mutal dis-like of the Yankees) was one the few things we shared so I understand how much it hurts. They haven't lost a boss or friend, they have lost a loved one.

Love him or hate him, he changed the way the game was done in the front office and ultimately played on the field. Would the Red Sox have won their two World Series without their payroll-thanks in large part to trying to keep up with the Yankees? Yes, we did have a lot of home-grown talent but Curt Schilling was a big part of the 2004 win and he was a hired gun. So a tip of the cap to Mr Steinbrenner. I am sure he is in heaven, arguing with the rest of the baseball greats already there. (And as someone has already mentioned, he has probably already fired Billy Martin again). Boy, wouldn't I love to listen in on some of those conversations. He definitely had a passion for the game. R.I.P. Mr Steinbrenner.

My condolences to the Yankee family for the loss of Bob Sheppard as well.